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Re: Natural minded pediatricians? Alternate vaccine schedule?

We also are on a delayed schedule. We still see the pedi at all the regular times, we just dont do the shots. I did get kind of pressured to have dd get the pnemonia vax at her six month appt but we have decided to forgo any further vax for now. Her risk is very low for pretty much anything but we are extra diligent about having her seen at the first signs of illness (she has had two minor colds).

We really like our pedi but she is a bit of a vax pusher despite her office being "delayed vax friendly." So i just let her spout off what she wants, consider it, and then my husband and i discuss it prior to the next appt.

Def be upfront from the start, even before baby is born. Some offices will decline seeing your child if they deem your beliefs about delayed vax contrary to their office policies.
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