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Re: Basically it's Thursday

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Morning mamacitas.

Everyone was ready 30 minutes before time. Pretty sure that's a sign of the apocalypse. After I get everyone off to school I have dr appts all morning. I am also way behind on laundry. Gah.

Sorry about the BB, Jess. That stinks.

Hope the appt goes well, Janine.

Ugh about buses and snow Mel. I agree, there is as much snow today as yesterday but no snow day. I guess because all the roads were already plowed and just need touch-ups. Ginger actually has a field trip today, LOL.
Well the good news is she only has a sore throat, nothing bad that would require ABX.

The bad news is she has a possible spine issue that needs looking at. When she stands up (from a bent-at-the-waist position) one side of her ribs comes up before the other and one shoulder is lower than the other when she stands.

What doctors appointments do you have?

Originally Posted by jacksmommy1 View Post
Morning all. Bin just sent a scathing email tk the superintendent let's see what the backlash is. Lol. Stella insisted on staying at school all day so we worked it out. She was very excited.

I have a sono of my thyroid today. Hopefully it doesn't result in another aspiration thing yuck
I'm glad Stella is enjoying school.

Not sure what the first bit about the superintendent was but I hope it is ok.

for your thyroid appointment.

Originally Posted by redgirlsmama View Post
Janine he is a pastor.
Happy no snow day Cheryl! We have been having lots of 2 hr late starts, which I like. Sleep in, don't miss work and still have alone time in the afternoon.
If the closing doesn't go through today DH is leaving tomorrow, for an undetermined amount of time.
Was he always a Pastor?

I hope things work out on the closing Jess...that would be rough.
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