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Re: Paleo Chat Jan, Feb & March 2013

Originally Posted by BNC View Post
I did it! Woot! Today however, I have already slipped. I think I am going to try to do every other day perfect for a week, then cheat every 2 days, then every 3 days,etc... I would like to be where I was before....paleo for 6 out of 7 days each week.

Okay- This is going to seem kind of counter-productive, but I need to find some paleo-ish convenience foods. Basically, I'm a mess right now emotionally and DH is getting frustrated with having to come home and cook every night, plus I think that I am going out of town for a week or more next week and I think I may be put on bed rest in the next couple of weeks depending on how things go when I see the cardiologist, so that is going to make life even more difficult.

He gets sick of salads fast, and I've been buying the pre-cooked bacon and all-natural sausages to make life easy. I think we are unworried about trace amounts of soy or corn right now, he just wants to stick close to paleo until things get back to normal.

Any ideas?
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