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Re: Basically it's Thursday

THe school was awesome! Th principal was very nice and showed me all around. He told me i could come back with Jack also. I really like their approach to reading which Jack struggles with. THey use a center based approach and also have 3 reading specialists on staff. They evaluate the kids 3x per year, and each group reads books on their own lever. so the whole class might not be reading the same book Every day they start the day with a school wide assembly in the gym.. He said they try to push positive reinforcement. They hallways are covered with kids names that got "caught" being kind THey also have a start student from each grade every month and have a special bar paw on the wall with their name. In the gym they had music playing and kids being kids. and on the recess topic obviously if a child misbehaves they lose recess, however in his time there a whole class has never lost recess. HE says they stress personal responsibility
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