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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

we just got back from New Zealand last night! while we were there we went to an indoor playground with a little sitting area w/ magazines. I flipped through a mainstream NZ parenting mag while there and found an article written by an Australian pediatrician in it and really enjoyed it. I took a photo of one of the quotes in it that I liked

'the only advantage of circumcision in the newborn period is that the baby is so small, he can't fight back. In a breathtaking piece of self-deception, some people believe that babies can't feel pain for the first few weeks, so no anaesthetic is necassary.'

Also talked about how it is especially dangerous to perform it on infants who naturally already have immature immune systems, are more susceptible to infections, poor clotting capabilities and reduced liver function from jaundice etc

It also covered the fallacies of cleanliness, forcible and early retraction in infants, proper cleaning and mentions that benefits are not proven or substantial, risks are not negligible, and that the lack of personal consent is a major issue. Time to catch up America!

And maybe the best line: 'it would seem reasonable if the foreskin were being removed for social reasons to obtain the permission of the owner... a 20 year old is more capable of giving informed consent'

sadly the article doesn't come up when I search the magazine's website.. in fact, there are no results for 'circumcision' on the entire site
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