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Re: Nursing to sleep?

my son nursed to sleep until he weaned. my only problem with it was he wouldn't be put in the crib after he was asleep and I had to sleep with him every nap and all night long no matter how many times.I tried getting him in the crib once asleep it just never happened and he would roll out of the bed if I left him in my bed. I vowed I would never do that with babe and here I am with an 8 mo old who pretty much will only sleep. its just so natural like you said and enjoyable that its hard not too. my son who nursed to sleep now cuddles to sleep and I don't mind it at all, its nice. getting him to where he would cuddle to sleep was hard tho he just did not.know how to fall asleep without the boob. I guess I do think there is something to be said for teaching them the skills they need to fall asleep on their own although Im not exactly sure how that works either as we've never really been able to do that successfully. I've let my husband put my daughter to bed when nursing doesn't work and so he can rock her and pat her butt but I have a hard time getting her to sleep when she won't nurse to sleep. having some back up methods that your baby is used to besides nursing is helpful bc as they get older it doesn't always work.

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