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Re: Nursing to sleep?

For what is worth, I nurse to sleep. Sometimes is the only way I will survive. Just remember, that you are unique, do not let your friends bring you down even thou they mean well. I never followed no book no schedule no nothing. My 4 year old is doing good and with my newborn, I am planning on doing the same thing.

I remember my husband coming home mad when we first had our daughter. For some reason that child wanted to be up until midnight. One of his co-workers had a grand-son at around the same time and he was on the "schedule". Poor child was in bed by 6 pm and slept until 6 am. My husband used to get mad because he was always talked down by his co-worker. Although I wish my child could go to bed at 6 so I could sleep, now that I look back, I would not do a thing different. We got to see stars in the middle of the night. As she grew older, her bed time was improved. By the time she was 9-10 months, she was going to be at 9!
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