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24" hip board shorties! reduced

These were all purchased here or knit by me. They are were used mostly for night time. I started using elastic waistband now that my kids can dress themselves so these are just sitting around.

3. Purewool board shorties. Short rise, wide hips, felting. I got these FSOT in hopes to frog and reknit, it is the thicker older purewool but they were too felted to do this. these are great shorts if you could use them as is but they are so wide, it will be tough to find the right fit. They came to me with the "repaired" area. 8pp each or both for 15pp. 12pp

h 24
r 16 1/2

2. cestari cables. knit by me, evie pants. Probably about my second pair of shorties. Has some very off stitches from the short rows on the back but they do not effect function. 13pp pending

w 18
h 22
r 17 1/2

will combine shipping for multiple purchases.

will trade for yarn, use mostly SW but i also like licorice twist for non SW.

smoke free/pet free. these all come washed and lanolized.

Questions welcome, can provide additional pix as well. These pix were taken a while ago.


1. unsure of wool or CW. It is study, cestarish I'd say. These are large and now have a solid dark brown icord. Hardly pills at all. 13pp sold

w 19
h 22-23
r 18 1/2

new icords on these and the rainbows

felted, ratty, needs a shave (I can do that if you don't have one) BFL scraps and an alpaca/wool mix for the trim. The first pair of shorties I knit, very far from perfect but the felting covers all that up now. FFS with another purchase SOLD

w 18
h 22
r 15

unsure of wool, bought off DS with a hole in the trim. so I just took it off and it is now the icord along with a small part of the CW that was a twist cord that broke. It has a snake head on the end. Again, something sturdy and cestari like. Hardly pills at all. 10pp SOLD
h 22
w 20
r 16 1/2

interlock from natures wool made by me...these are not perfect, I am not a professional by any means. I didn't use the blend on the waistband and they fell down constantly on my skinny minny so I haphazardly stuck some elastic in it one night before bed so he could wear them (in a casing). This can be easily removed and the elastic can be easiley changed if you sew. they would be much improved if you put it in properly You could also try using them without this elastic. They have a sling soaker backed with felted wool that can also be easily removed. We used these for night time only and it needed some extra help in the wet zone. 23pp sold

I need to post measurements and a pix of the inside for these. Ran out of time right now.

scrappy soaker. tight in the legs. The CW is is bfl. Knit to match weenie dog and retro car fabric. 8pp sold

Scrappies knit by a DS mama. Felted, play quality, stretched out. Perfection Pants pattern. 10pp sold

w 20
h 22
r 16 1/2

DBK Harvest Night shorties, MMW, evie pants. snake head on icord. Variation on bamboo sts cuff. cestari trim. Knit by me. 23pp sold

here is just a crappy inside pix for the listing, I will fix tomorrow w/natural light

w 16
h 21
r 16 1/2
Karyn, SAHM to DD (11-29 -04--daddy's bday! DS1(1-5-07) and DS2 (3-16-09). swag with me need something knit? I will knit for trades. examples of work here

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