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Re: What are the easiest chickens,rabbits,and dairy goats to raise?

Welcome to the farm life!

I'd say most chickens are SUPER easy to keep!
They say 3 square feet inside their house and 5 square feet in their yard to keep them happy.
I let my full-sized birds free range and I'd say that makes them the happiest!
I keep the bantams in yards b/c the hawk will take them.

For eggs every day, you'll want Red Star (brown) or Leghorn (white) - I really like my Red Star - they're sweet, quiet, personable, like to be pets, and have a strong desire to lay at LEAST 6 days a week and lay a large egg.

Leghorns are VERY loud when laying (not sure if your neighbors will care) and tend to be very flighty and hard to tame. They also lay 6-7 days and typically lay an extra large egg.

There are tons of breeds, temperaments, colors, etc - and they lay from 2-6 days/wk - just depends on what you want!

We have Miniature Nubians - LOVE them!
Sweet, small, great temperments - easily handled by the kids.
They say the mini-nubians 3/4 the amount of a full sized goat, but only need 1/2 the amount of feed and space!

We have 4 does and a buck - babies due in the next few weeks - can't wait!

Invest in GREAT fencing (box wire) and a raised milking stand!

We have Flemish Giants for meat.
I think all rabbits are pretty much simple to keep - the Flemish eat a ton, but are worth it b/c the amount of flesh you get per animal.
We have our Flemish in "tractors" - basically a moving coop and yard (most often used for chickens)
That way, you can wheel them to a new patch of field each day and they get plenty of grass, new dirt, and sunshine!

Same for the chickens - plenty of grass, bugs, new dirt and minerals, clean ground, and sunshine!

Good luck!
PM me, if you have any questions!
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