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Re: Paleo Chat Jan, Feb & March 2013

Originally Posted by flynnsmom View Post
Oh, I know my candida is related to sugar. I meant, I am now beginning to think that my candida is related to my autoimmune system being out of whack too. I am not following the strict protocol for autoimmune disorders yet thou. I have a hard enough time forcing myself to eat meat and stay away from sugar. Did it finally get easier for you?
It got easier after about 4 months or so... it was soooo hard in the beginning!! I had alot of symptoms that were from leaky gut/permeability issues - so when I got the IgG/IgA blood work done showing my sensitivities I knew I had to do something drastic!!
Since going on the AI protocol... I am almost completely asymptomatic (unless I have a gluten or dairy exposure)... I don't feel too good if I have a non-gluten grain, but it's not as severe of a reaction compared to gluten exposure...

I have also gotten my husband on board being gluten, dairy and soy free which helps... It's alot easier to cook full paleo meals instead of trying to include extra foods to make everyone happy.

and my daughter was not dairy free up until the last 6 weeks or so... but once I removed the milks/yogurts/cheeses... we haven't had any stomach issues at all! (well, except today because she was with my in-laws and they don't listen to me )... is offline   Reply With Quote