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Re: Paleo Chat Jan, Feb & March 2013

Originally Posted by flynnsmom View Post
Help! My stomach is bloated and in pain on paleo. Did anyone have die off symptoms? For paleo fast food, fish can be cooked really quickly in a hot pan, with some sautéed spinach or greens. Eggs are fast. Smoothies too. I also do one big pot of soup a week.

When I first started... I didn't really feel much improvement until around 21-30 days... I did strict, strict, strict autoimmune protocol though... no eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades.... it was soooo hard.... but once I hit the 3-4 week mark - things really improved nicely!

when I mentioned 4 months in the previous post... I meant as far as meal making/planning/shopping... not in terms of how I felt!! The first 90 days were the hardest! I added back eggs, nuts and seeds after 90 days with success... so that's part of the reason things got easier after that. is offline   Reply With Quote