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Originally Posted by Camsmom13
I nurse my 3.5 month old to sleep and I have no plans to stop as long as he is breast feeding. I've been warned not to do this for much longer by well meaning friends who I think may have gone overboard on the "sleep training" books, and classes, and forums ect... What's your take on this? I think it's natural and it's what my baby needs for now. But I'm also a first time mom with no reference point and am flying by the seat of my pants . Discuss
I haven't read the other replies, but if it feels right to you, do it!!

I nursed DD to sleep and although I felt a little tied down during that time it was awesome. Nurse, sleep, boom. Easy. She stopped nursing to sleep at around 18 months when she weaned and by age 2 she was a completely independent sleeper. We had a few steps between nursing and sleep independence, but all in all it was a pleasant experience. DD would not have responded well to sleep training, IMO, b/c she gets more wound up from crying and would have probably cried all night if we would have left her.

I would have loved to nurse DS to sleep, but he is a paci baby and just sucks on that to sleep. Kind of the same thing, just without needing me there. It makes me a little sad b/c I don't get to spend the same amount of time with him at night.

Anyways, there's my BTDT experience. Listen to your gut and do what you feel comfortable with. You don't have to sleep train just b/c everybody else it! good luck!!

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