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Re: What are the easiest chickens,rabbits,and dairy goats to raise?

Chickens are fairly easy most of the time. They need ~3sq ft per bird for indoor housing and a good sized outdoor run. You can get away with less confined outdoor space if you let them free range. We used to let ours free range all of the time, but then we started having problems with coyotes taking them so we only let them free range for a few hours a day.

As far as breeds (in our experience)
-- Dominiques - All around good breed. They lay brown eggs almost every day and aren't too flighty. I have a couple of hens who are super-sweet and follow me around the garden when I'm outside and seem to enjoy being held.
-- Rhode-Island Reds - They lay great eggs, but our rooster is a RIR and I always have to keep his attitude in check. He was handled often as a chick and I have handle him regularly otherwise he'll get mean. Our RIR hen is active and has attitude (she's one of the few that will peck me if I get too close to her on a nest box).
-- White Leghorns - Lay lots of white, large eggs. They don't get very big and are very flighty. We had a white leghorn rooster once and he was named "Stewpot" to give you an idea of his disposition.
-- Amerucanas (Easter egg chickens) - They're pretty mellow, but don't lay eggs as often as the other hens. But they're pretty and blue! Both roosters I had of this variety were cowards and poor lookouts, but their beards and plumage are beautiful.
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