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Re: 25lb Challenge March Thread

Originally Posted by IsaacsMom2009 View Post

I haven't seen the 180's in a LONG time. I'm so excited!
Awesome job!!!

Originally Posted by sahmofthree View Post
I'm 161.2 this morning so only a .2 lb loss this week. Didn't meet my goal of hitting the 150's for this week, but I'm not sure why. I ate perfect, absolutely no cheats and I've worked out every day doing JM's 90 day body revolution. I'm hoping it's just my muscles hanging onto water to recover and I'll see a big drop this week coming up.
Hopefully you will have a great drop this week!

Originally Posted by d_arnold View Post
I've been awful all week so I'm not even weighing today. Tomorrow I'm back to it though!!
I had an awful week too. I do not blame you for not weighing in. I almost didn't either.

Originally Posted by mama2jack View Post
old:Mama2jack-starting: 167.7, goal:153.2, current: 158.6 -9.1

new: Mama2jack-starting: 167.7, goal:153.2, current: 159.2 -8.5

I am up about 1/2 lb. Not suprised cause AF is (STILL) pending and I made these wonderful pb/oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies and ate way too many.
Hopefully af will show soon if my cycle is thrown off too much af might show next time around while we are on our anniversary trip. I don't even want to entertain the idea that i could be pg DH and I both feel done.
I hope AF shows up soon for you I just spent the AM with 2 1st time preggo mommas and did not once crave to be in their place.
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