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I nurse my ds 14M to sleep and have since be was born. We are just starting to try to adjust this a bit b/c he is up every 3-4hrs still at night. I don't mind for the most part, but I'd like him to accept dh for comfort too. Especially since he's really not nursing for nutrition at night anymore, just for comfort. So I nurse him most of the way to sleep, but delatch him as he's slowing down & is nice and comfy. Then dh takes over & rocks him & lays him down in a crib close to our bed. Up to now we were cosleeping & I was nursing him side lying throughout the night. I never gave nursing him to sleep a second thought when he was younger. It was what was best for us then. We do need to make a transition at this point & are trying to do so gradually (in a way that is least stressful for all of us). During the day he nurses when he wants & I nurse him to sleep for his nap.
Things adjust as you go as needed & even each kid can be different. My dd was a binky girl & that was her comfort through the night. She would nurse, but then pop in her binky for the night.

As others have said, it's really what ever is best for you & your family. You'll adjust when you need to, if you need to, but don't worry about what others think you should do. Each situation & each family is unique.

Good job though mama! Nursing is so rewarding for both baby & mama! Such a special bond you will share always

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