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Re: Favorites...

Tomatoes here, too. Real tomatoes are so delicious... Straight from the vine, standing in the sunshine... Yum. DH even will go out there with a pepper grinder and eat them right there in the garden.

Second would be berries. Apparently I have issues with eating in my garden.

Garlic and potatoes would be third. Because it amazes me EVERY time.

(did you say we only had to choose one? )

Animal would have to be chickens because that is all we raise, so far.

Favourite chore? Still collecting eggs and checking on the birds. It can be drudgery in the long winter months, but they are always so happy to see me and chatter away. And there is truly nothing like getting eggs from your own chickens, I would agree. I once read a parenting book by a comic (I think it was Paul Reiser) and he commented on how breastfeeding is fascinating to him -- like getting toast from your elbow. I still feel that way, after all these eggs, about getting eggs from the barn.
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