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Re: August '11- March Chat

It is march! That is crazy. Oh except for the fact that I already thought it was march the 2nd half of feb. I even texted a friend on feb 22nd wishing her a happy birthday when her birthday is march 22nd! This pregnancy is killing all of my brain cells.

Dh has been good with it though he answers all of my questions even the easy ones. Like I kept asking him if we put 10 percent down on a house that costs 250000 how much would that be? He answered 25000 and I was like oh ok what if the house was 245000 he answered 24500 and yes I had another example and asked well what if it was 232000. He answered again and I finally was like ohhhhbhb! Dh just was looking at me and said I was wondering when you would get it!

It is crazy bc it is something like that everyday!
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