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Re: March UYS Game - CHATTER Thread

Originally Posted by RockinLou View Post
make sure you buy before you start stating your goals and tallying points, or all the fabric you buy will count against you!!

(I may have been at Hancock this morning, and that just might be why the post didn't go up earlier today )
LOL. Is that how it works???
No fabric buying for me again this month. I just don't need it. As much as I want to...

Actually, we ended our spending fast for last month and I already spent money!!! I found an amazing deal on etsy for organic vegan soap. 4lbs for $32 shipped!!!! So, we bought that, but then I also spent $10 at wal mart (I am not allowed into Target these dangerous! haha) on hair clips, elastic, and some wooden beads to make fabric necklaces out of

And I can feel myself already starting to go into buy, buy, buy I have to nip this in the bud fast. We are trying to pay off our mortgage in the next 6 years, and if we are going to do that, I really cannot spend anything extra!
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