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Re: March UYS Game - CHATTER Thread

Originally Posted by RockinLou View Post
Don't do it!! I'm on a chronic spending fast.... out of necessity. To me a big splurge is double- paying the minimum on a medical bill

However, my stash is dwindling.... especially if I meet my goals this month.

Seriously though, regarding the game rules- any fabric bought after you state your goals and start tallying points counts against you!!
I already talked to my accountability partner and said I am going to need to do this complete no spending on another month. Clearly I haven't tamed the spending beast. It is so bad. But my husband and I are on the same page, and the house is the only debt we have left, other than a smaller medical bill we are paying off, but that should be done at the end of this year. And we want NO debt. How freeing it will be to own our house outright!

Actually, if you want, I could send along some quilters fabric if you use it. Seriously...I have a ton of it!! Like, way more than I need I am sure...
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