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Re: The Best of Both Worlds: At Peace with Formula Feeding

I am right there with you. My baby is growing, but very slowly! Last weigh in at 3 month was 10lbs 11.5oz. She was born at 7lbs 5oz. I have been doing everything under the sun to increase my milk supply. Fenugreek, Calcium & Magnesium supplements, plenty of fluids, mostly well-balanced diet, very little caffeine and still not much increase. Plus my period started back a week ago. Urgh! DD does sleep through the night so I am thankful for the sleep despite it probably is why my period returned.

Now I'm contemplating supplementing with formula. I sorta feel like I'm failing. It's hard to admit that I don't have control over this. I am trying as hard as I can. I gonna see how I do until her 4 month check up and reassess everything.
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