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Re: Which was more painful overall...

I have had a 30hr. back labor, unmedicated, broke my tailbone, tore all the way back and some upfront which of course needed stitches. Then I had 3 c-sections after that (due to the shoulder dystocia of my first child). While I had pain during sex for a long time after my vaginal birth, I still consider my vaginal birth less painful than my c-sections. My c-sections were so painful to recover from... all while caring for a newborn and other children (I'm sure having 4 kids, 4 and under, did NOT help my recovery process and time). So I voted c-sections were more painful... one never knows how much and often you use your abdominal muscles until they are cut apart. Baby Girl is 1 year old and I still have internal pain (from scar tissue I believe). I go to the doc to see what's going on in a few weeks. sigh.
While c-sections are way more painful, I do prefer them for myself because I have 3 healthy babies to show for all those months of recovery! I did not have a healthy baby to show for my train wreck of lady parts.
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