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Re: Need help navigating EFMP

Well, when we had DS enrolled in EFMP his dr filled out pretty much all the paperwork & was wonderful, but I'd see about going to the EFMP office/ desk & ask them for the paperwork, we had to update DS's in 2011 & I just took it to the pediatrician & told him what to write basically. I don't recall the paperwork asking for how many hours of therapy he needs, just what therapy he needs. As of this month Tricare covers ABA therapy at unlimited hours for free (so says DS's therapist). You'll have to submit his IEP too if he has one.

What does this do for him/us? - makes sure that where ever the military sends you guys as a family medical & school services will be available.
Will it be beneficial or restricting? - it can be restricting, if a dr/ therapist is listed as needed & one isn't available at a duty station the military won't give your husband orders to move with you guys.
What do I need to know about the program?
Not about EFMP, but for Autism there's ABA (now covered free under Prime) & Autism Demonstration therapy (basically same thing but with a college student tutor instead of someone with their masters), which is covered under ECHO for a 'coshare' of about $30/mo, & he may qualify for respite care also.
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