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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 24th - Mar 2nd

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
Its just so random. I decided to call my midwife just because its Friday.
it's nothing. KUP.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
and THAT is what makes it seem like I'm going to have a baby. 34 weeks? pssh.. feels like it might as well be 29 weeks. But knowing I'll be 37 weeks at my next appt? THAT feels real
I'm not listening!!!! I keep purposefully not thinking about how far along I'll be at my next appt - it's suddenly feeling so close!

DH said that today actually - he said it seemed like February we had so much time, but now that it's March 1st it's so close. I laughed and told him I started feeling that way a couple weeks ago - hence why I've been so stressed about the room stuff and whatnot he needs to do!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
but that's the thing.. since it could change so suddenly, I'd hate to take probiotics, fool the test, quit the probiotics, get it and then not have the antibiotics. If I was going to do it, I'd take them all the way to the end.

it seems wrong to just take them until the test. Like you're being sneaky or something.
Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
That's what I was thinking too. Id just hate to fool the test so to speak and have baby end up catching it.
But that's the thing - if you can change from + to -, or - to + over a few days, without doing/changing anything at all... then anytime you have a - result you could actually be + when baby is born.
It's just silly that they bother with the testing. Either they should come up with a rapid test that could be done when labor starts, or they should treat everyone as if positive (although that would be refused/declined by many mamas).

Originally Posted by bai18176 View Post
AFM: Another appt today That makes 3 this week, including an u/s yesterday. Baby A is growing, but not as much as they would like, and has dipped back below >5% for abdomen measurements, so now they would like to do more frequent growth checks. Baby B is a little more than her, but still smallish.
all is well with them both.

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
My cousin had her baby girl today. She was due last week and went later. Her water broke on the way to the hospital to get induced. Her name is emilee Parker and she is 6 lbs 14 ounces.

My grandmother just had surgery and has been in the hospital for over a week. The good thing is is that it is the same hospital and they are going to take her up to see the baby tomorrow.
Congrats Auntie! I'm so glad they're going to help your grandma see the baby!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
My friend who had her baby today.. just found out baby is on oxygen and antibiotics and hopefully won't get taken an hour away tomorrow to a NICU.

AFM: DH just got orders today to go on a remote 1yr deployment in October. I really need a banana split. I didn't know that was something I considered a comfort food.. but that's what I really want, so I guess it must be. Tomorrow I think we will go get some ice cream.
Poor mama and baby.

I'm sorry about the deployment news. That stinks. I never can imagine being away from DH like that.
Hope you get your ice cream tomorrow. You deserve it!

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Would they even bother with gbs swab for a guaranteed c-sec? I am guessing not.
Likely they'll still plan to do it, just because that's how they do things. But I would decline, because of your circumstances - it's definitely going to be a c-sec, which removes any risk of baby contracting GBS regardless of your status, and you're also going to be on antibiotics regardless of your status because of the surgery - just no point in doing it at all.

AFM: The kids' skating Ice Show went really well! There were a lot of parents and grandparents there watching, which is really nice for the kids
Now we're all looking forward to a relaxing, do nothing, day at home tomorrow!
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