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Re: DH wants to convert. I dont understand...

I assume he is planning to convert. (eta, I thought I read he wanted YOU to convert).

Are you comfortable with your children experiencing/observing holidays of both faiths? I know there are interfaith families who sort of combine traditions. Is he feeling pressure from family to convert or maybe just feeling he needs to "find his way" in terms of his faith or connect with his heritage? It is possible he wants to share a part of himself with his children that he maybe didn't consider or realize was important to him all those years ago when you two made the decision to raise your children Catholic.

You just need to be totally honest with one another about how you feel. He can't force you to convert to Judaism as much as you can't force him to be Catholic.

My husband was raised Jewish, I was raised Lutheran and neither of us are especially spiritual or religious. I had started the conversion process, but we have kind of taken a break from that idea in light of a pretty crappy experience (involving a Rabbi . . . sounds like the start of a bad joke, but I won't go into it).

We have, for several years observed Passover, Chanukah and other holidays (my husband even worked for a Jewish organization for a while). For a shiksa, I make a mean matzo ball! All in all, we are what you call a home of Atheists with a hint of Jewish tradition. My side of the family always gets together for Christmas and although we are not Christian, the element of closeness and fun reunions with family will always be an important part of me and I want my daughter to experience that joy, too. We don't mind her getting a stocking and experiencing secular Christmas.

Even if you don't have the same "path" to G-d, I think it is important to communicate openly how you feel, because this clearly hasn't happened overnight.
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