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Mama, he didn't plan this and marry you with this in secrecy. Don't feel deceived. He isn't doing it to hurt you. He obviously feels a strong calling to this faith. Would you cease to be catholic, go to mass, etc because someone you love was uncomfortable with you going? Or would you expect them to respect your faith and wishes in your relationship with God? In all honesty, it's unfair to expect him to deny his religious calling/faith/whatever you want to call it. Who is anyone to stand in the way of someone else's calling to God?

I'm sure this is a shock, but you say he has been increasingly more involved over time, so surely you knew somewhat that he was serious about it. Have you talked to him or anyone of the faith to find out what conversion entails? Would it be as shocking if he still went the same amount of time, still read the same amount of books, etc? I think the idea of conversion is what is shocking if you had no issue with his practices before.

Why not just sit down and iron out the details of what he wants, intends to do, and what that would mean for him individually, and you as a family unit. Then discuss what you both can agree on regarding the family, how it will affect the children, and go from there.

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