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Re: Do you simplify your schedule and errands when you have more kids?

So helpful, thank you! I think I'm just getting the jitters from the bulging belly and realizing that I'm only a couple of months away from double the kids. The more I think about the logistics the more freaked out I get. But I guess you just take it one day at a time.

DH has a 9-5 type job, so he is available evenings and weekends. I just feel a lot of guilt about leaving the 1 year old home so much. I try to take her out and run errands I can manage and go to the story time at the library and parks etc... but it feels like she's cooped up at home and in the yard so much. I guess it's mom guilt that I want her to be out and experiencing things (and wife guilt as I want DH to get some down time too).

I should probably re-think my quick errands. Usually the pet food is running low so that sneaks up on us and there's pressure to get it done before it's gone. 3 different stores for dog food cat food and bird food. Maybe I should time it better so they run out around the same time. I am really good about being efficient with my drive so I'm hitting up certain areas and getting those things done all at once (versus DH who will drive all the way downtown 2 days in a row because he didn't think of consolidating his trips!).

I like the idea of lists. I already do this, but I could definitely consolidate it better and wait for the list to be longer before I take care of things. I was alternating each weekend as the grocery or costco day, but lately I've just been going whenever. I'm not sure if that freedom is a good thing since I'm usually a planner.

Melinda - I'm freaking out with the thought of 2 kids. My head is spinning at the thought of 4! I must ask though... what does a time out look like in the grocery store? We're nearly past the running away phase (she responds to the verbal "stop" command most of the time now), but I think the misbehaving in stores phase is right around the corner. I'd love to hear from someone that has BTDT.
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