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I can understand feeling conflicted about his request for you and the children to convert as that's something that goes against your views. DH leans towards Atheist (raised Catholic), I lean towards Agnostic (very loosely raised Protestant), but neither of us subscribe to anything whole heartedly. If DH suddenly started attending mass and wanted our family to become Catholic, I'd be confused too. Personally, I'd be fine with DH choosing a religion for himself and incorporating small bits of it into our family life. If he strongly felt that our family needed to convert, I'd offer to spend some real, earnest time investigating the religion, attending services, etc, but unless we were both on the same page, I wouldn't completely change the religious course of our entire family for one person. Same would go for me. If I found a faith calling me, I wouldn't expect DH and the kids to jump on board just because I said so, but I would ask them to respect it enough to learn more about it.
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