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Re: DH wants to convert. I dont understand...

Like MyLovely said, converting to any religion could be a dealbreaker for me.

That said, I think it would be beneficial to speak w/ your husband & identify what it it that's drawing him toward Judaism. At least for most of my Jewish friends and acquaintances, their identities as Jews extends far beyond "simple" faith, church, and congregation. It also extends beyond personal practices and values. It includes a shared history and culture, and a unique culture based a history of pervasive persecution, exile, and diaspora. But it's more than that, too, because it's also about their experience as scholars, and their traditions. Judaism, for many people includes religious identity, culture, and ethnicity. Your husband may be gravitating towards Judaism for any or all of those reasons, and regardless of your own faith, I would think it important for you to understand your husband's identity and needs.
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