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Re: DH wants to convert. I dont understand...

I see Christianity and Judaism as compatible. Jesus and all the disciples were Jews. They celebrated all the Jewish holidays and ate kosher food. In fact, the last supper was a Passover meal. I think if you explored Judaism a little more you'd find it's very compatible with Christianity and helps you to understand your faith and it's history better. The Jewish holidays are a lot of fun (well they can be, they can also be made really dry too). We follow Messianic Judaism so we believe in Jesus as the messiah but keep the Jewish traditions. Now, if your husband is wanting to go Orthodox and have the two kitchens, separate beds during that time of the month etc... that would be a real shock and hard to deal with, but most Jewish people are conservative or reform and are much more lenient. Eating kosher isn't really that difficult and the majority of food out there has a brand with a kosher symbol. If he's ok with you still following your faith I think you can raise your children with both religions very well and have them compliment each other. I suggest looking up some Messianic Jewish resources so you can see how the two faiths fit together. People change through life and it's very common later in life for one to turn to their roots and their childhood faith or even a new faith. I don't think it's something you can or should try to stop. It's part of his growth as an individual. You might find in the beginning he's very fervent and excited but with time he'll mellow out. Do your best to communicate and support him in it, like you would if he had a new job or new hobby. And sit down and communicate what his expectations for you and the children are. You'll both have to compromise, but I think in this situation you can compromise without going against your own beliefs.
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