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Have you considered online shopping and/or grocery delivery? I know that shopping online can sometimes be more expensive, but often you can find coupon codes online to help. Besides, if you factor in the cost of gas to get from store to store, it would balance out with the extra expense of online shopping.
You can certainly spend as much time shopping online as you do in stores, so just limit your online time! My favorite online stores are Amazon (because I received a deal to get Amazon Prime with free shipping) along with and has other sister sites, including a pet supply store, to make one stop online shopping easier.
I have also taken advantage of Peapod grocery delivery. Yes, that did end up being more expensive than going to the store, however, the luxury of someone bringing all the grocery bags into my kitchen was so worth it! There are times when you will be exhausted with two little ones, and it's ok to take advantage of these technological advances Remember, someday you will feel up to going out with two little ones, and you will do just fine!
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