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Re: Do you simplify your schedule and errands when you have more kids?

Honestly, my schedule/errand running hadn't changed until the past 2-3 months (since DS2 hit mobile and not wanted to be carried constantly). I have been doing a monthly meal plan for the past 2 months and going at the beginning of the month and getting everything. I get all the meats to freeze, all the staples and non-perishables, and the milk/produce for the first half of the month. The day I do this I only take DS2 (who still nurses on demand and doesn't have a set schedule) and have 3 stores I visit - Sam's Club, Save-a-lot, and Kroger. The shopping trip takes 3-4 hours (due to a break or 2 with DS to nurse). Then, mid-month, I make a small grocery trip alone to get the second half or milk/produce we need.

The past 2 months I have cut our grocery bill drastically by only shopping twice, and by only hitting the stores 2 times, saved gas and energy.

Other errands, DH usually runs. I do the kids' check ups and medical stuff, but he does everything else.

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