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Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post

They give a window of 2lbs +/- for u/s, so it's really hard to tell by that alone. I would say go by how baby feels... but you don't have others to compare it to, lol.
If baby is longer, especially long legs, he's going to be "bigger" on u/s - they measure and then the machine spits out a weight guess based on length - but it's always the same ratio, kwim?
Yeah, it's a pretty big margin of error. I think for mine they measure around the waist or something because my weight/length doesn't match up. Both DD2 and this baby measure right on for weight and a week ahead for length. DD2 was only 6lb 13 oz but 21 inches at birth. So far this one's looking similar. I'm ok with long skinny babies

I'm sooooo glad I get to escape for my massage today. I've never had one before
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