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Re: February Chat Thread

Originally Posted by ivparker View Post
We took in 3 little girls a little over a week ago. They are 2yo, 14 mths, and 2 mthd. It was a little crazy at first, but things seem to be working out good. The oldest is very attached to me. She gets scared if I even leave the room. That is slowly getting better, though. So now we have 8, 7, 6,5,3,2,1, and newborn. We still aren't sure if the state will let us keep them as they are concerned about the number and young ages of our children. I hope they decide soon as I think it would be awful for the kiddos as they have really attached to our family. I must say I do have many guilty feeling moments, like I sing a special bedtime song every night for dfd2 but not my dd3. I also realized that I think dfd's whining bothers me more then my dd, although I don't react differently. I feel it, and it makes me feel really bad. Does that just mean I haven't bonded to dfd as I am with my dd? Is this normal?
I have the same feelings about Little-Man's crying compared to DS crying. I try to always be fare and equal but Little-Man's crying just grates on my nerves. I just attribute it to not being bonded the same way. I am just not there with Little-Man. I think part of that is because there is a lot of talk of him going home soon. I know its coming and I can't bond the same as I think I would otherwise. I just accept it for what it is I guess and try not to feel bad. I still care for him deeply and feel I am providing him with a great home until he is back with his family.
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