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Originally Posted by bdhutier
I would sit down with your priest and talk with him. Obviously we came from the Jewish faith and we believe in the same God and both believe in the old testament. I think he can help both of you work through this. Also I would suggest meeting with his Rabbi. I think both of your spiritual leaders knowing what is going on would be beneficial. I completely understand why you feel deceived. If dh decided to convert to another faith or leave the Church that would not be ok with me,we had an agreement this isn't something I am willing to change. He is an adult and I can't control his feelings but I would expect him to keep his word and raise our kids Catholic. If he wanted to convert I wouldn't have any right to stop him but it wouldn't understand. I wish I had some words to make it better but all I can say is I understand how you feel and I am sorry this is hard for you.
I agree completely with this.

I am Catholic and we agreed before we married that the kids would be raised Catholic. DH was a non practicing Christian when I met him. He celebrates mass with us ( not communion) and is involved with the kids church activities. If he suddenly decided to convert to another religion I would be upset. I understand that it is his faith journey and I should support that, but I like the cohesiveness of one religion in the family. My children understand the people have different beliefs but I think it would b difficult to celebrate two faiths that different in the same house.

While they are both Abrahamic religions there are some major differences that I wouldn't be comfortable dealing with. So while I am sure it isn't a popular opinion to have, I would be upset. OP I totally get where you are moving from.

I still feel like I am not explaining this very well.
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