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Re: DH wants to convert. I dont understand...

Originally Posted by Vivhop98 View Post
I think what would be hard for me and we are a catholic family is that our faith is very important as a family, and it is good that we all practice the same thing. I converted to Catholicism and my DH was raised Catholic. It is good for us as a family to go to mass, celebrate together. I think it would be hard if I took the kids to mass by myself while he went somewhere else. We tried many churches before because I was Protestant and ot agreeing on a church was hard. We tried Unitarian to and it wasn't right for us.

I would be ok with him exploring his faith, but maybe a compromise, like once a month, we all go to mass together?
Sure, that sounds great, but would you reciprocate by having the family attend synagogue together once a month?

I don't really "get" faith or religion in general, but I don't understand why one half of a couple would feel as though his or her religious convictions should take precedence over the other's.
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