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I used hypnobirthing with my first. It was helpful in generally learning how to relax but i wasn't prepared for relaxing in situations other than lying down which was problematic for me because I stalled and had to do numerous birthing exercises for hours to try to get things moving along. I couldn't relax well during that time and really felt uncomfortable/ in pain and overwhelmed. My midwives and I attribute my stalling to being relatively sedentary during labor.

With my second (delivered 6 days ago) I used hypnobabies and the difference was night and day. I was able to talk/ communicate the entire labor (4 hours compared to 24 with my first which I think was due to my ability to relax my body so well). During the drive to the birth center (30 mins) I was completely calm and actually joking with my husband that I knew I was at least 7 cm and still able to joke while in transition in a car (car labor was agony last time). I had a lot less fear which I think was bc I listened to the fear release track daily. Therefore transition/ pushing went quickly and i was able to try many different positions (rather than just lying down as with hypnobirthing) which helped things progress quickly. I did feel pain, but honestly it was only for maybe the last 60-90mins. Everything else id describe as discomfort. Generally my contractions felt short, time passed quickly and everything was very manageable

I recommend hypnobabies over hypnobirthing hands down! I will never again birth without it!

Fwiw... Both babies were over 8lbs!

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