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Re: DH wants to convert. I dont understand...

Originally Posted by Vivhop98 View Post
I might, but we have already made the commitment to raise our children Catholic, so having a change of heart for himself shouldn't affect our children.

In our particular instance, I converted to Catholicism so we could all share one faith. It would be really weird to me, after a year of RCIA if my DH decided he no longer wanted to be Catholic.
I guess that I don't see religion as opinions, views, values, etc. have changed significantly over time; certainly I think that many people are raised in X faith or X church, and they keep those values over the lifespan, but I think there are many, many people whose views or values change over time, and in many cases that may affect religious affiliation, or in some cases create a significant amount of dissonance.

Likewise, I think that if one's values are truly congruent with whatever faith, than attending services in a different place of worship doesn't inherently affect one's faith. Attending synagogue once a month doesn't make one's children any less Catholic. Plus, I mean, I guess I understand the whole "we'll raise the children X" thing, but again, I see faith as dynamic, and even major things change throughout couple-dom. Both for DP and I and SIL and her husband...when we got together, kids were off the table. But a few years in, DP (or SIL) decides she wants kids. I'm pretty sure if I had dug in on that & pulled the "well we agreed..." I'd be the jerk, but somehow when we're talking about religion, especially when we're talking about mom's religion, suddenly it's okay?
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