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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Sarah I love that you can see them inside, how awesome is that!!! Is it plexiglass?

awww the pics of the boys just loaded for me, so cute!!!

Well I think I now know why my hatch failed. Got a new hygrometer, mine was def. off. The temp I was going on was reading 1 degree higher than actual temp (so my eggs got chilled to 97 degrees a few times during hatch) and get this...5 % higher on humidity than actual. SO the humidity was too low and the temp periodically fell too low.

I have 6 more mottled eggs coming, 6 lavenders and some more mixed lav/blue from another lady. I actually bid in an auction before I heard back from her, so that's how I wound up with the extra lavenders. LOL Oh well, the more the better apparently when it comes to shipped eggs. I think I'm still going to set a few from my flock just as a test.

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