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Re: Anyone have a DH that was NOT considering a large family?

My dh would have been happy with one. He was an only child and had a great childhood, and had always wanted a son, and our first happened to be a boy. Our second was a big surprise when ds1 was 4 months old, and honestly, dh was in a shock for quite a while. And then he was REALLY done. Then we had another surprise when ds2 was a year old. Unfortunately, that resulted in a 2nd trimester miscarriage. That was devastating for me, and made me realize I really wanted a 3rd child. He did NOT at all. It was a really bad time between us, because I never wanted to push him into having more children than he wanted, but I also was so sad at the loss of my pregnancy and the thought of never having a third. Dh finally agreed to try for the summer and if we got pregnant that would be okay, and if not it wasn't meant to be. Well ds3 is the light of my dh's life. My other two were mama's boys, but ds3 is such a huge daddy's boy.
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