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Re: March UYS Game - See & Share Thread

Some ugly and not so fun upcycling/mending projects...
I don't know if I'm the only one that has a huge bucket of cleaning rags under the sink but most had to go. They were long past their life span.

This was one of the really bad ones that got thrown away! It was threadbare & fraying!

A bunch of cleaning rags that I serged black around the edges. Many were old wash cloths with fraying that got thrown in the rag bucket and continued to fray... so now they are all black edged and won't accidentally end up in the linen closet.

They've been bleached a zillion times but they are rags. I'm fine with them having a few stains. I bleach them... really I do! I'm counting these as mending time. I actually did more than pictured.

Mismatched socks/ holey socks. I had a whole big bag of them. Anything I didn't use got tossed.

A few towels the needed to stop being towels a long time ago. (I promise we have nice new towels but these keep ending up back in the linen closet. )


35 re-purposed rags made from towels and socks. I made the mitten in the middle as a bath mitten for DH to wash DD as his big hands don't fit in the ones from the store. It was made with the loppy terry part of his socks on the outside and a sock band to hold it on his wrist.
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