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Re: Do you simplify your schedule and errands when you have more kids?

Also wanted to add a few thing...

I shop almost exclusively at Super Walmart to avoid having to make multiple stops. Some type of super store like that would have all your groceries, all your pet food, and all your sundries and even some clothes. I do have two food coops I do once a month each, but the kids stay strapped in the car listening to music or a book on CD while I unload/load stuff in the parking lot right near them.

I keep a running list of things we need to get in addition to a weekly planner to make sure we are going to the same general areas in one trip. Goodwill and the bank are next to each other, but Walmart and the pharmacy on the clear other side of town. So if I have to drop stuff off at Goodwill, I wait until I have to go to the bank. If we are running low on DH's meds, I will note in my planner to get the refill on grocery day.

I try to find ways for my kids to "help" by holding things, putting stuff in the cart, holding my purse, etc. They feel so big and special . And I try to keep a super positive attitude, even if I have to fake it (which is about half the time), as my attitude really rubs off on everyone else.

I consider errands to be part of my job as a SAH parent, just like the cleaning and cooking. I don't want our family time when my DH is home to be eaten up with us doing stuff separately like that. It also provides a teaching opportunity for my kids--all adults have to learn how to shop, how to do errands and manage their time, and how to behave in a variety of settings. Like my earlier example of my children never having been in a fancy department store--it was a good learning opportunity for them, and a good reminder for ME.

Congrats on your new baby!

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