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Re: Mother Goose Designs - aka Shortcake2386

Approximate date of purchase: Summer 2012 (I believe it was August)

Where did you purchase the item(s) : I arranged a custom order with her through e-mail (contact on her hyenacart initially)

What did you buy: 3 custom trainers

How was the customer service: Average to poor. Her communication was great when we were working out details of my order, but it did take a few extra days past the timeline she quoted me for them to ship, and after the label was printed it did sit even a few more days. Total, it was probably a week more than what I was quoted.

Review of the product: The products were in very poor condition.

The first thing I noticed was the discrepancies in sizing and fabrics between the trainers. 2 were one style (pocket, with overnight absorbency) and 1 was an overnight pull up. First off - they were ALL made to be overnight trainers, but the pull up was MUCH thinner. No way would it work overnight. The others may or may not have for my heavy wetter - but either way, they were all overnight absorbency and I was expecting them to feel the same in terms of thickness and they were not.

Second, the sizing seemed way off to me. They were all made to be standard mediums and the pull up was SO much smaller than the pocket trainers. I know this can vary a little with style, but it was shockingly small. It looked like a small or newborn sized diaper.

Third (and worst) the inside of the trainers were a wreck. Loose threads galore, holes, wonky and overlapped stitching. I was seriously shocked that they were even sent out this way. It was so far beyond second quality work.

She did exhibit completely professional behavior in the beginning. She apologized and offered a full refund upon their return. She did blame it on her serger..which left me confused, because they were NOT serged :headscratch: I did also have to request the refund when the DC showed that the trainers arrived days before, which I wasn't thrilled about.

Would you do business with them again? Unfortunately, no. She is a very sweet mama and I believe that she has done great work in the past, but I think she needs to take a break if she can't produce quality items for her customers.

Here are some photos, if they aren't allowed here I apologize :blush: Feel free to remove if need be.

Differences in sizing:

Poor quality sewing

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