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Re: Class Project: Why do/don't you buy WAHM diapers?

How much of your stash is WAHM made?

Most of my stash is WAHM made

How did you decide to buy those brands (reputation, just fell in love, etc)?

Most of it was reputation. I do have a few that I got in a trade just because it was an awesome deal and I needed more diapers, but for the most part I go for those that have a good reputation, well made, etc. (and cute product)

How pleased have you been with your WAHM purchases (and why?)

For the most part I have been very pleased. The biggest issue I have is the couple where they've made a beautiful diaper with the PUL cut with the stretch going the wrong way. It's a terrible way to ruin an otherwise perfect diaper.

Why don't you buy more (or any) WAHM diapers?

I learned how to make my own So much cheaper, and lots of fun!

If money were no object, but all other situations were the same (WAHM stocking schedules, uncertainty about brands) would you have a fully WAHM stash?

No. I'm having way too much fun making diapers for DD. There is so much satisfaction in putting something on her that I made myself. If I wasn't able to do that though, then YES, I absolutely would have a WAHM stash.

And can I PM you if I have further questions?

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