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When did the stretchmarks come for you?

Q: When did your stretch marks arrive?

I am genetically predisposed to the marks. I already have them on my breasts and hips from youth growth spurts, and I was never overweight. My mom has them too.

BUT, I am due in 39 days and I don't have a one yet! I gained 30 pounds so far, I am all belly (and some swollen legs/breasts).

(I have been creaming excessively. I use coconut oil, a mix of 100% pure shea butter/cocobutter, and I top off during the day with EarthMotherAngeBaby oil and another different oil. I also spend 15 minutes, at least, rubbing the creams in. And I take 6 fish oil caplets and put coconut oil in my smoothies, for some internal lube. Since the placebo effect is real, I may as well use it
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