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Melinda, that's great advice. Sounds about like what I do with my three. Here's some more:

Find the best time. If I'm not out the door by 10, I won't go. It's the best time for my kids. Figure out what's the best order for errands. For me, I do all the little short ones first. After walking around Walmart for an hour, even a quick pop into the dollar store or the gas station while the kids are cranky, tired, or hungry seems daunting. Spend time letting kids learn to buckle and unbuckle themselves, even though it rakes more time in the beginning. I taught my kids that car rides are quiet time or play time between themselves. That way I don't have to spend 30 minutes on the way to Walmart singing old McDonald, which is frustrating and mentally exhausting for me. I don't meal plan because I know I'd never be able to get out of the store with everything. I walk through aisles quickly and grab. 2 loaves of bread? Sure. 4 cans of ravioli? Sure. Canned fruit? naw, I think I have some. If I get home and already have ravioli, guess what we eat that week? If I forget something, we just eat other stuff. There's much less pressure this way, and if I have to mix things up I don't get bent out of shape. I do dry/pantrt goods first, because I always get the same stuff and can walk through an aisle almost without stopping. Meat/produce is last because it takes me longer, kids are getting restless, and when they ask 'how much longer' I can honestly say 'we need salad, apples, and cucumbers, then we're out of here.' They get excited about the fruit, which helps.

It takes time and practice to be able to do the shopping, but like Melinda said, its part of my responsibility to do the best I can. Every kid/family is different. But you can get there!
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