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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Well, overnight I'm ready for my chicks to be out of the house. They're about 4 weeks old now and fully feathered. Well, we think they're four weeks. We've had them two and the feed store has been getting chicks in for 3. We took the biggest oldest chicks they had and they were already getting their real feathers in when we got them. And you could see three distinct ages of chicks in the brooders so we think they get a shipment a week whether or not all of the last shipment had sold, so we think these were left overs from at least one to two shipments back. And they are STINKY! Up to now we've been able to clean their crate every 1-3 days and it really hasn't smelled much. Yesterday morning we cleaned it because it stank (we thought maybe we left it to long) and by yesterday afternoon my whole basement STANK. We've had a lamb two dogs adn five chicks down there for weeks and you wouldn't have known. And yesterday even after cleaning and bleaching everything in the AM it reaked so badly by evening you could smell it from the front door. What can I do? We've always been raising them later in the year when it was warm enough that we could just put them in the coop with a heat lamp at this stage. They have pretty much outgrown the tote we're using as a brooder (they're huge). They smell to high heaven (again we have no clue why they were fine yesterday) and we have no idea what to do with them. When can they go outside? We put them outside in their tote during the day yesterday just so they could get some fresh air, and they didn't huddle or shiver so that's good. Also at what point can they go in with our current hens. Last year was a little different. We only had two Wellsummer hens and they were very aloff, and NEVER went in the coop. So when the babies got to this stage we put them in the main coop and the two girls we had left them totally alone. The three girls we have this year though never leave the coop. So I'm a little worried my new chicks would get picked on. Any ideas on what to do? I'm pretty tolerant of animals in my house but the smell is to much and I don't have time or energy to clean it every 6-8 hours to keep the smell at bay.
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