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Re: Do you simplify your schedule and errands when you have more kids?

I wanted to add one tip to make shopping go faster.

For a couple of weeks, keep all your grocery lists and add to them the tings you bought that weren't on the list. After 2-4 of these lists, you should be able to compile a master list of stuff you always buy each week or month.

Then take some time one trip and write down what is on each aisle at the primary store you shop at. You can snap pix of the aisle marker which usually lists those items with your phone if that's easier. Then go home and arrange your master list in the order that you can most quickly go through the store. Make copies of this list. Then each time you make a shopping list, you can just highlight (even with crayon if you have to, LOL) all the things you need.

You will be surprised how much more quickly you will sail through the store when the list is arranged this way. I used to take all three kids with me each week and get all the shopping done in 15-20 minutes. And as this routine becomes more regular, the kids will actually start going and pulling the stuff you need off the shelves as you go. It does take some time on the front end to do this, but it saves you so much time when it matters.
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