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Re: Chat Thread ~ Mar 3rd - 9th

from last weeks' thread

Originally Posted by rverrone11 View Post
Once they were all bagged, the cashier handed her a receipt and told her the old man in front of her had paid for her groceries. Not because she looked like she needed them paid for, just because he wanted to do something nice. The cashier made it seem like the old man does this every so often.
That is awesome.

Originally Posted by rverrone11 View Post
Is anyone getting their older children a gift or something for when baby arrives?
We've never done it. Well, I shouldn't say never - we had... like a pack of cars or something like that for the kids at the hospital when DS3 was born, but they didn't car about their things at all, they just wanted to see and hold the baby! So I'm not going to bother with anything this time.

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
She decided that his tiny diapers should be hers and wanted to wear diapers only.......fits thrown over panties.
Shoot. she gets all this out of her system now, and then just loves having a baby when he comes.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Anyways, DD and this boy are like 2 months apart (he's 2 months younger) and about as different as 2 kids could possibly be.
I always think it's neat to see how different kids are/can be. I was floored when I realized that my own kids would be different, though - not quite sure why, but I was, lol.
DD and DS1 are very opposite. When we were pregnant with DS2 we figured he'd fall somewhere in the middle of them - nope! He's his own guy! With DS3 we didn't assume anything, and he's most definitely his own person as well

AFM: 34 weeks today! And even more so because that means some mamas here are all ready 36 weeks! OMGoodness!!!! We are getting so close to these little squishies!
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