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New week! 35 for me!

Originally Posted by rverrone11
Our girls are excited about seeing the baby as well, and all my 2.5 year old talks about is "we baby"..."this is for we baby", "I'm going to help change we baby's pee diapers", "I'm going to hold we baby", etc.

Magnolia is a lucky girl...I love plasma cars!! I want one.
That is so amazing to me. Your 2.5yo has amazing comprehension! DD calls a few things 'baby things', but I honestly think she has no stinking' clue.

The concepts in the big sister book will likely click sometime after the baby comes.

I've started to realize there's an 85% chance that everytime the baby cries, DD might freak out. So that's gonna be fun. She is so sensitive to noise and people being upset. Me blowing my nose can send her into hysterics if I'm not careful. Anytime morning sickness hit, I spent the entire time throwing up consoling her.

So hopefully we'll be able to use the 'sometimes babies cry' part of the book and avoid meltdowns everytime. Lol.

Was funny. For the last day when she wakes up, she says 'daddy broke' and I'm like 'daddy's not broken' and so she says 'daddy broke the swing!' and I'm like 'yeah, daddy broke the swing' (with her on his lap, btw, so big impact). And we're coming downstairs and then she says 'sometimes things happen' and I just burst out laughing. Sounded so philosophical for a 2yo. Apparently DH has been trying to teach her that and to say 'no biggie'.

Anyways... Fun fun fun

Hope everyone has a great start to the week!
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