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Re: Chat Thread ~ Mar 3rd - 9th

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I've started to realize there's an 85% chance that everytime the baby cries, DD might freak out. So that's gonna be fun. She is so sensitive to noise and people being upset. Me blowing my nose can send her into hysterics if I'm not careful. Anytime morning sickness hit, I spent the entire time throwing up consoling her.
One of my older kids was like that - I can't remember which one though! We were very worried that when the next baby came we would always be dealing with 2 crying babies, but it turned out that they were fine with the baby crying - all other stuff still bothered them, and they didn't like other babies crying, but our baby was fine to cry. maybe that's not such a good thing after all, lol!
I do remember teaching them different ways to help baby feel better (paci, diaper change, nursing) and helping them understand that baby can't talk, so he cries to tell us something is wrong.
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